New to VFCC?

Hi! At Valley Falls Christian Church, we understand that visiting a new church can be stressful. We want to remove the stress factor and make your first visit here as enjoyable and uplifting as possible.

What won't happen: We won't make you stand up to be recognized or call you out in any way. We won't force you to give us your personal information, although we would love to be able to contact you after your visit. You won't be looked down upon if you wear jeans, shorts or flip-flops. Some may wear a tie and others tie-dye. Dress in a way that is comfortable to you.

What will happen: We will be glad to see you! Someone will greet you at the door. People will introduce themselves to you and ask your name.
   There is a time of greeting after the first song when people mill around for a few minutes and shake hands with those around them.
   You will experience a time of singing in worship to our Lord, a time of prayer and scripture reading, and a message of truth from God's word.
   During the communion time, the emblems (juice and wafers) are passed from person to person. If you don't want to take communion, just pass it to the next person, it's OK. If you choose to take communion, go ahead and take it before you pass the tray on.
   There is a time of giving (offering). During that time, the offering plates will be passed from person to person just as the communion trays were. Don't feel compelled to put anything in. We don't expect our visitors to give; we are here to make you feel welcome and at home.

What to expect: Expect Christ to be taught and worshiped. Expect a warm and friendly place where people genuinely care about you and want to get to know you better. Expect us to want to see you the following week!